outfit | fifty shades of blue

Hi lovelies, today I finally found some time to shoot some outfit pics. As it was really grey outside I decided to wear something colorful today. Nonetheless I reduced it to just one color in various shades: blue. I started with a bright blus shirt from Biaggini, some dark blue pants from ZARA, dark blue […]

outfit | red and blue

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. I’m really loving my red coat from ZARA I already showed you in my last outfit post. It is really a pity taht when I leave home in the morning it’s still dark and when I come home it’s already dark again outside so except for the weekend […]

outfit | red coat

Hi lovelies, you may have noticed that for a longer period of time red became one of my favourite colours. Some weeks ago I finally found something I was hunting for for two years now: a red coat. The one I hunted is from ZARA and although it is not “first hand”, it is still […]

new in | just a little …

bit of fall shopping … Hi lovelies,  I hope everybody has a great time and enjoys life as much as I do . Moving to Lake Constance was one of the best things that could happen in my live. Everything is so amazing: the landscape, the people, my neighbours, my new job, really everything. I’m […]