outfit | a least little touch

Hi lovelies, welcome back ane thanks for visiting my blog. While I really felt “November” yesterday today I could fell the least little touch of spring … or even summer. No more rain today and two degrees warmer. Wow! As the next days will be really busy for me (there will be four business trips […]

outfit | little november

Hi lovelies, the little November got lost in May and June and wants to be picked up there :-). Yes, it is June but I feel like late autumn. It’s still colder than last christmas but there was much more rain during the last week so most time I went outside I chose my Hunter […]

outfit | winter annoys me

Hi lovelies! Winter really annoys me! We’re at the end of March now and still there is no spring here. On the other hand, I can be happy that we don’t have frost any more – only at night. Today’s outfit is a nothing-new-one. The sweater I’me wearing is at least five years old. Here […]

outfit | black … and red

Hi my dears and thanks for visiting my blog. The last two weeks were quite busy and some kind of “un-fasshionable” because other parts in my life became more important. Fashion is an important aspect in my daily life but on the other side it is just something which blends other aspects togerther. Today we […]