impression | skywalk allgäu

Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr Lieben, I already told you that after visiting the Scheidegg waterfalls I went to the Skywalk Allgaeu which is also located very close to Scheidegg. Instead of telling you numerous technical details about it I let just pictures tell you … Ich erwähnte bereits dass ich nach dem Besuch der Scheidegger […]

impression | Seokguram Grotto

 Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr lieben, during last week of April I went to Ulsan, South Korea for business duties. After finishing on Friday noon we drove back to Seoul visiting some impressive places I’d like to show you. Our firs stop was to visit the Seokguram grotto with its famous Buddha. Already the entrance building […]

impressions | Míng Xiào Líng

Hi lovelies, today I’d like to show you some more pictures from my sightseeing day in Nanjing. After walking down the Purple mountain we decided to visit Míng Xiào Líng, the is the tomb of the Hongwu Emperor, the founder of the Ming dynasty. The way to the Tomb, the so called “Spirit way”, is lined with statues of […]

outfit | sightseeing

Hi lovelies, you know what is really great if somebody joins you for some sightseeing? You can do some nice shots of the other person 😉 Today I’d like to show you just some outfit posts we did during our sightseeing trip in Nanjing. In my last post I already showed you this picture from […]

travel | Times Square Night Walk

Hi lovelies. New York City and especially Manhattan is really amazing. After I relaxed from my first walk thorugh upper Manhattan I revisited Times Square at night, which was an overhelming experience. Here are some pictures I took there. Without adding comments I just want to let them speak on their own. Enjoy. Maybe you […]

travel | Manhattan

Hi lovelies, today I want to share some more impressions from my trip to New York City one week ago. I can remember it really well that it can’t have been too long ago as I am still fighting with some kind of jet lag. It is impossible to be in Manhattan without finding some […]

outfit | inter-season flight

Hi lovelies, how are you? I know this is a bit confusing as the last post was about the flight to NYC and the next post is about the outfit I wore on my way back. And just to beat this, there will be more posts about NYC during the next days. I got so […]

travel | flight to New York City

Hi lovelies, I hope you had a great week so far. Mine was super-busy and exciting because I was on a business trip to one of the most amazing cities in the world: New York City, especially Manhattan. But as every time you travel it all starts with packing your luggage and finally you just […]