new in | mustard and more

Hi lovelies, once more it is time for a summary of my latest shopping prey 😉 . You know that most men only go shopping when some pieces have to be substituted because the old ones are in a really bad condition. Based on this aspect buying this pair of brown leather gloves from Roeckl […]

new in | early fall shopping

Hi lovelies, Yes, fall is already on its way, so it is finally time for some fall shopping. Although clothes for fall and winter are sold for several weeks now, I cannot get into mood for fall shopping if it is about 35 °C outside on sunny days. So, two weeks ago summe started to […]

new in | seasons go and come

Hi lovelies, I’m so excited that spring is already on its way, especially after a winter which was really worth to be called “winter”. I still remember last year when we changed into spring after a felt very long autumn. Personally I really love the contrasts between each season and after last winter I noticed […]

new in | scarf storage

Hi lovelies, I think I’m not telling you something new by saying that I prefer wearing scarves (and bow-ties) instead of ties for daily occasions. Okay, as a man, sometimes I have to, but whenever possible I switch to bow-ties instead. For a long time I was looking for a nice way to store my […]

new in | fall pieces

Hi lovelies, yes, fall is round the corner so it is time to shop for some pieces for the upcoming fall / winter season. This year I was not only on sopping diet, I also sold numerous pieces I which did not longer fit into my style concept or were just not worn often enough […]

new in | bag decisions

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone had a good time so far. Last week was some kind of difficult as there was a very big decision waiting for me which of these two bags from Cowboysbag shall I keep and which return? As both bags from Cowboysbag are really similar the decision was really hard to […]

outfit | “italian” ?

Hi lovelies, you might wonder about the title of this post, but I’ll explain it to you: whenever I go shopping for some clothes or shoes, it doesn’t take long until one of the clerks ask if I am Italian. Same today when I went to Bredl in Ravensburg. After they sent me from the […]

style | want to wear this fall

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Summer sale is just over and the shops bring the new fashion for the coming fall season. Although I’ve got to say “no” more often now (moving can be very expansive), there are some favourites I found. To be honest: it are just a few and saving money […]