diy | taupe scarf

Hi lovelies, these days I am in a somehow “strange” mood – I start to love greyish colors. During my Christmas and New Year vacations with my family I finished another knitting project (which I will show you quite soon) and wanted to start another, new one. If I was at home I would continue […]

outfit | fifty shades of blue

Hi lovelies, today I finally found some time to shoot some outfit pics. As it was really grey outside I decided to wear something colorful today. Nonetheless I reduced it to just one color in various shades: blue. I started with a bright blus shirt from Biaggini, some dark blue pants from ZARA, dark blue […]

outfit | happy black

Hi lovelies, I know it was a long time since my last outfit post, but for some special reasons I was not in the mood for shooting in the meantime. Today’s look was somehow a bit special because when I left home this morning, it was not really warm, so I needed something easy adjustable […]

new in | scarf storage

Hi lovelies, I think I’m not telling you something new by saying that I prefer wearing scarves (and bow-ties) instead of ties for daily occasions. Okay, as a man, sometimes I have to, but whenever possible I switch to bow-ties instead. For a long time I was looking for a nice way to store my […]

outfit | the old scarf

Hi lovelies, today’s look is quite similar to this one I showed you last winter. Many fashion bloggers never repeat any pieces they wear, but this is not my intention – I also try to show how small variations can change the look. Today I wanted to wear something bright. I’m wearing: jeans – Jack […]

outfit | non-white winter look

Hi lovelies, winter is here and everywhere you look at you just see white snow.  Today I decided to wear something inside classy but colourful outside. If there is anything I cannot understand is why so many people just wear dark and grey colours in winter … not only that they are hard to notice […]

diy | blue scarf

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Today I’d like to show you my latest, just finished diy-project: an electric blue scarf. You know I love strong colours and aside from my red scarf I wanted something aside, so … here it is: The pattern was quite easy: you just start with an even number […]

diy | red scarf

Happy New Year! Hopefully everybody could enjoy the last days of the year 2013 and the cristmas vactions. For holidays I drove “home” to my family and – I’m sorry – forgot my SLR so I can’t post any new outfit, except I can find somebody who takes some pictures with my small pocket camera […]