outfit | overknee

Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr Lieben, After searching for quite a long time and many tries I finally found them: a pair of black overknee boots which not only look good on their own -they still do after I put them on and looked into the mirror. Although they are from ZARA’s last winter’s women’s collection, […]

all red outfit

outfit | all red

Hi lovelies, Hallo Ihr Lieben, For sure you know that I absolutely love wearing stong colors. And maybe you can remember when I wrote “I could even imagine wearing a all red look” – after I gave it a try and looked in the mirror few days ago I decided to give it a try […]

new in | whole year sale

Hi lovelies, Hallo Ihr Lieben, maybe you remember my post in last year’s March where I was already looking for a pair of red boots. Few weeks ago I fianally found the perfect pair by GUGLIELMO ROTTA at yoox.com. After trying them on (they are extremly comfortable, by the way) I compared the red color […]

outfit | welcome in 2016

Hi lovelies, First of all I’d like to wish you all the best for the new year 2016! After two and a half week off today was the first working day in this new year. Somehow I was not in the mood for strong colors today so I decided to wear just differnt shades of […]

impression | bloody moon

Hi lovelies, today my alarm clock rang already at 3:30 am. Not by accident, but well planned because I wnted to watch the total lunar eclipse. As this kind of event is quite rare I decide to have a very short night and work afterwards. Here is a photo I took of it during the […]

outfit | Mango coat

Hi lovelies, Some weeks ago I was stralling through the sale of various web shops and fod an amazing coat which I totally loved already at first sight: The coat is from H.E. by Mango is really warm because of the fake fur inside and perfect for days like today. I already wore it when […]

outfit | the white sweater

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for stopping by on my blog. Today was the last day of three days off. I did some changes in my flat and finished several little projects I started within the last months. By the way – the picture is not crook, it is just a consequence of the […]

outfit | non-white winter look

Hi lovelies, winter is here and everywhere you look at you just see white snow. ┬áToday I decided to wear something inside classy but colourful outside. If there is anything I cannot understand is why so many people just wear dark and grey colours in winter … not only that they are hard to notice […]