impressions | macro mushrooms

Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr Lieben, as you know I upgraded my camera equipment and during the last weeks I tried differnt kinds of photography to get more familiar with my camera. Today I’d like to show you some photos of mushrooms I did during several walks in the woods … wie ihr wisst habe ich […]

impressions | nightshots

Hi lovelies, thank you for stopping by on my blog. Today I want to show you some “quick night shots” I did during the last weeks – quick because I just used my small digital camera without tripod. The first photos I shot during a business trip in Shanghai while I just fetched my luggage […]

impression | tempest sky

Hi lovelies, during the last days the weather was really bad as there was a bad tempest in the evening. Some days ago when I visited my family in Franconia I took my timer for my SLR with me which allows me to extend the exposure time to more than 30 seconds. So, when I noticed […]

impression | forest walk

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Today while I was walking in the forest I tried to catch the atmosphere with my packet camera I take with me in most cases. I personally don’t like to use my mobile phone for photography because I still want to be able to influence how the picture […]