personal | review 2014

Hi lovelies, as today is the last one for 2014 it is time for a short review -something I really do not like but , hey, it has to be done so I’ll keep it short … Outfits The question about my favourite outfit this year is quite difficult because there are various looks I […]

personal | no more flickr …

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone had a great weekend. As the title already says I decided to leave flickr finally by deleting me complete account. Some weeks ago I already posted a picture there telling that I will no longer post new pictures there. Today I performed the final cut. Flickr was the first community […]

outfit | it’s cold INSIDE

Hi lovelies, today when I arrived home from work my flat wasn’t warm yet. I finished too early šŸ˜‰ But instead of arguing I decided to shoot some outfit pictures with my grey knitted coat which is really perfect for such situations as it is really warm. Sometimes I wear it with an also knitted […]

outfit | it’s getting cold

Hi lovelies, I hope everybody had a great day. Summer seems to be over now. When I left the house this morning the temperature was just 12 Ā°C. Brrrrrrrrā€¦ā€¦ And when I looked outside, I just saw rain and grey. So it was and is the perfect day for adding some colour to my outfit […]

personal | moving news

Hi lovelies, thanks for the patience for waiting for new posts. I’m sorry for the huge lack but this month I’m very busy. I’ll beĀ  moving next Thursday to Lake Constance to start a new job. Two days ago I signed the contract for my flat which is really amazing as I can see the […]

impressions | Lake Constance

Hi lovelies, you remember how I finished my post some days ago about Lake Constance? Now I can tell you there will be much more posts from this beautiful region because I will move there during the next weeks. I already signed my employment agreement and will start there in August. Last Friday I drove […]