travel | Manhattan walk

Hi lovelies, thanks for visiting my blog. Today I want to share some more impressions from y trip to the “Big Apple”. You know, the day before I walked just the northern half of MAnhattan until Empire State Building. On my last day I wanted to get a more complete view so – you know […]

travel | Times Square Night Walk

Hi lovelies. New York City and especially Manhattan is really amazing. After I relaxed from my first walk thorugh upper Manhattan I revisited Times Square at night, which was an overhelming experience. Here are some pictures I took there. Without adding comments I just want to let them speak on their own. Enjoy. Maybe you […]

travel | Manhattan

Hi lovelies, today I want to share some more impressions from my trip to New York City one week ago. I can remember it really well that it can’t have been too long ago as I am still fighting with some kind of jet lag. It is impossible to be in Manhattan without finding some […]

outfit | inter-season flight

Hi lovelies, how are you? I know this is a bit confusing as the last post was about the flight to NYC and the next post is about the outfit I wore on my way back. And just to beat this, there will be more posts about NYC during the next days. I got so […]

travel | flight to New York City

Hi lovelies, I hope you had a great week so far. Mine was super-busy and exciting because I was on a business trip to one of the most amazing cities in the world: New York City, especially Manhattan. But as every time you travel it all starts with packing your luggage and finally you just […]