new in | seasons go and come

Hi lovelies, I’m so excited that spring is already on its way, especially after a winter which was really worth to be called “winter”. I still remember last year when we changed into spring after a felt very long autumn. Personally I really love the contrasts between each season and after last winter I noticed […]

new in | all year shopping

Hi lovelies, I hove everyone of you had a great weekend so far. Did I ever post that my shopping diet was over? No? Okay, Herewith it is done (I did it for just three moths). Since then I removed and also added some new pieces and two of them you might have already seen: […]

outfit | “italian” ?

Hi lovelies, you might wonder about the title of this post, but I’ll explain it to you: whenever I go shopping for some clothes or shoes, it doesn’t take long until one of the clerks ask if I am Italian. Same today when I went to Bredl in Ravensburg. After they sent me from the […]

outfit | sometimes it is better

not to think of the weekend ….. Hi lovelies, the first half of the week is over and most times I already wait for the weekend on Monday 🙂 But when I look at this week’s eather forecast, I hope it will soon be over as it will be really cold outside especially on Friday: 5 […]

new in | just a little …

bit of fall shopping … Hi lovelies,  I hope everybody has a great time and enjoys life as much as I do . Moving to Lake Constance was one of the best things that could happen in my live. Everything is so amazing: the landscape, the people, my neighbours, my new job, really everything. I’m […]

new in | long time ago …

… in a galaxy far far away … Hi lovelies, no this is not a post about Star Wars (which I really like). This quote just came to my mind when I saw the date of my last “new in” post. During the last months I spended a huge amount of money, especially during the […]

new in | good news … bad news …

Hi lovelies, I’ve good news and bad news for you: the good first: the weatherman sais spring will finally arrive next week :-). The bad news are: there will be a next winter in about seven month 🙁 . That’s the reason while I’m looking for different things when I’m shopping time of the year […]