style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

Hi lovelies, now that menswear fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris are over I finally found some time to review them looking for some inspiration. For me fashion weeks are not about trends – for me it is more about looking for new ideas how to adjust and modify my personal style – style […]

style | Menswear Fall 2015 – boots

 Hi lovelies, now that Men’s fashion weeks are over, it is time for a personal summary. I must confess that until now I could not review all looks from all shows, so I have to deal with the ones I’ve already watched. Contrary to last year I will not concentrate on one fashion week, but […]

web |

Hi lovelies, today I wanna start a new series of blog posts about websites I really like. Of course there is also my blogroll where I add all websites I read on a regular basis but this will be more some kind of recommendation for you because these websites have something really special. The first […]

outfit | “italian” ?

Hi lovelies, you might wonder about the title of this post, but I’ll explain it to you: whenever I go shopping for some clothes or shoes, it doesn’t take long until one of the clerks ask if I am Italian. Same today when I went to Bredl in Ravensburg. After they sent me from the […]

outfit | today’s business

Hi lovelies. Today’s outfit is a nice example what I wear for business on an ordinary day without meeting customers: just shirt, and shirt with just an amount of “personal style”. That means neither my jeans nor the shirts are the common style most men wear at the office (if they don’t a strict dress […]

outfit | I couldn’t care less

Hi lovelies, these days are really busy so I hardly find some time for outfit shots. I also can’t believe that it is end of june and we have just about 13 °C outside – that’s also the reason why my outfit is not summer-ish. I just can’t feel it any more. I’m wearing: shirt […]


Everyday the same: before you can read your newspaper in the morning you have to put the leaflets aside. Most time they are not woth even to have a look at them, but today one contained an outfit which is even worth to blog about: (picure from To me the outfit of the guy […]