impressions | nightshots

Hi lovelies, thank you for stopping by on my blog. Today I want to show you some “quick night shots” I did during the last weeks – quick because I just used my small digital camera without tripod. The first photos I shot during a business trip in Shanghai while I just fetched my luggage […]

travel | Manhattan walk

Hi lovelies, thanks for visiting my blog. Today I want to share some more impressions from y trip to the “Big Apple”. You know, the day before I walked just the northern half of MAnhattan until Empire State Building. On my last day I wanted to get a more complete view so – you know […]

travel | Times Square Night Walk

Hi lovelies. New York City and especially Manhattan is really amazing. After I relaxed from my first walk thorugh upper Manhattan I revisited Times Square at night, which was an overhelming experience. Here are some pictures I took there. Without adding comments I just want to let them speak on their own. Enjoy. Maybe you […]

travel | flight to New York City

Hi lovelies, I hope you had a great week so far. Mine was super-busy and exciting because I was on a business trip to one of the most amazing cities in the world: New York City, especially Manhattan. But as every time you travel it all starts with packing your luggage and finally you just […]

impression | an apple a day …

… keeps the doctor away …. Hi lovelies, It’s fall now what means it’s the time of the year for harvesting all the things like corn, vegetables and fruits. Here at lake constance many farmers grow apples – so, following the saying – there seems to be no need for doctors at all šŸ˜‰ so […]

impressions | East Friesland

Hello my dears and thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t kow what has happened but since last week I’m more driving from meeting to meeting than ever before in my life. But sometimes – like Thursday, I can find some time to have a look at the landscape and not only at the highway […]