impression | water day

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for stopping by. After we visited Friedrichshafen and Bregenz yesterday because of “water from above” (it was raining), we decided to visit some water today. And as Black Forest is not that far away from where I live, we started in Triberg  and had a look at the waterfalls […]

impression | partial solar eclipse

Hi lovelies,  Today was a very special event to which I looked forward for a long time: a partial solar eclips which was visible in Central Europe. I didn’t mention it here but astronomy has always been one of my big passions. Today I started work after non because in the morning I took my […]

impression | Bayreuth

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Today I’ll show you some pics from a trip to Bayreuth, a city in northern Bavaria, which is famous for its Bayreuth Festival, at which performances of operas by the 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner are presented. Wagner himself conceived and promoted the idea of a special festival […]

impression | tempest sky

Hi lovelies, during the last days the weather was really bad as there was a bad tempest in the evening. Some days ago when I visited my family in Franconia I took my timer for my SLR with me which allows me to extend the exposure time to more than 30 seconds. So, when I noticed […]

impression | forest walk

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Today while I was walking in the forest I tried to catch the atmosphere with my packet camera I take with me in most cases. I personally don’t like to use my mobile phone for photography because I still want to be able to influence how the picture […]

travel | Manhattan

Hi lovelies, today I want to share some more impressions from my trip to New York City one week ago. I can remember it really well that it can’t have been too long ago as I am still fighting with some kind of jet lag. It is impossible to be in Manhattan without finding some […]

impression | winter walk

Winter is a great season. Today I was walking near the river “Main” just to enjoy the landscape. Here are some impressions: I did not plan a “real” shooting so I just took my small pocket camera with me – no dslr, no remote control and no tripod. That’s also the reason why there is […]