new in | mustard and more

Hi lovelies, once more it is time for a summary of my latest shopping prey 😉 . You know that most men only go shopping when some pieces have to be substituted because the old ones are in a really bad condition. Based on this aspect buying this pair of brown leather gloves from Roeckl […]

diy | blue scarf

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Today I’d like to show you my latest, just finished diy-project: an electric blue scarf. You know I love strong colours and aside from my red scarf I wanted something aside, so … here it is: The pattern was quite easy: you just start with an even number […]

outfit | the camel coat

Hi lovelies, today I wore one of my long time favourite fall outfits. The mixture of printed, floral shirts with sleeveless sweaters is just standard for me, also in the office. While the basic outfit consisted of just brown and natural white colours, I decided to add some navy details when I walked outside to bring […]

outfit | hail intermezzo

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for your patience. For several days it is really difficult for me to post on my blog as there are some tricky errors with the database. I hope this will be fixed soon and I also hope that I will be able to publich al the posts I prepared […]

outfit | red and blue

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. I’m really loving my red coat from ZARA I already showed you in my last outfit post. It is really a pity taht when I leave home in the morning it’s still dark and when I come home it’s already dark again outside so except for the weekend […]

outfit | “italian” ?

Hi lovelies, you might wonder about the title of this post, but I’ll explain it to you: whenever I go shopping for some clothes or shoes, it doesn’t take long until one of the clerks ask if I am Italian. Same today when I went to Bredl in Ravensburg. After they sent me from the […]

outfit | sometimes it is better

not to think of the weekend ….. Hi lovelies, the first half of the week is over and most times I already wait for the weekend on Monday 🙂 But when I look at this week’s eather forecast, I hope it will soon be over as it will be really cold outside especially on Friday: 5 […]

new in | just a little …

bit of fall shopping … Hi lovelies,  I hope everybody has a great time and enjoys life as much as I do . Moving to Lake Constance was one of the best things that could happen in my live. Everything is so amazing: the landscape, the people, my neighbours, my new job, really everything. I’m […]

outfit | autumn sun

After lookig outside this morning I did not expect such a sunny afternoon. So in the afternoon I decided to enjoy the sun walking in the wineyards. The sun was really nice and the colors of the leaves were so beautiful and also inspiring for my outfit. Here is what I wore: coat – Topman […]