impression | water day

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for stopping by. After we visited Friedrichshafen and Bregenz yesterday because of “water from above” (it was raining), we decided to visit some water today. And as Black Forest is not that far away from where I live, we started in Triberg  and had a look at the waterfalls […]

impression | the flood

Hi lovelies, welcome back and thanks for visiting my blog. I already mentioned it in a comment: during the last week we had a huge amount of rain. And this time it is really a huge amount as it is as much as we normally have during half a year. In Franconia, the part of […]

impression | easter fountains

Hi lovelies, thanks for visiting my blog again. Today I visited the region called “Franconian Switzerland”. You remember? I already told you about the traditional easter fountains here. Now I want to show you some more pictures. I want to mention that all eggs you see are hand-painted and original chicken-eggs (no plastic or similar). […]

impressions | East Friesland

Hello my dears and thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t kow what has happened but since last week I’m more driving from meeting to meeting than ever before in my life. But sometimes – like Thursday, I can find some time to have a look at the landscape and not only at the highway […]