new in | early fall shopping

Hi lovelies, Yes, fall is already on its way, so it is finally time for some fall shopping. Although clothes for fall and winter are sold for several weeks now, I cannot get into mood for fall shopping if it is about 35 °C outside on sunny days. So, two weeks ago summe started to […]

style | Massimo Dutti continues …

Hi lovelies, It’s really amazing how Massimo Dutti continues his Equestrian Collection for the third season now. Already the first pics of the campain are really eye-catching: You never go wrong pairing dark blue pants with brown tall boots …   Also a suit-like outfit works with tall boots in a some kind of casual […]

personal | no more flickr …

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone had a great weekend. As the title already says I decided to leave flickr finally by deleting me complete account. Some weeks ago I already posted a picture there telling that I will no longer post new pictures there. Today I performed the final cut. Flickr was the first community […]

web |

Hi lovelies, today I wanna start a new series of blog posts about websites I really like. Of course there is also my blogroll where I add all websites I read on a regular basis but this will be more some kind of recommendation for you because these websites have something really special. The first […]

outfit | the old sweater

Hi there, I hope you had a great weekend! Today – like every monday – there is a phrase which I’ve got in my head: “Silicon chip inside the head can switch to overload …” . You know the song? It’s from The Boomtown Rats and is called “I don’t like mondays“. After today I […]