outfit | inter-season flight

Hi lovelies, how are you? I know this is a bit confusing as the last post was about the flight to NYC and the next post is about the outfit I wore on my way back. And just to beat this, there will be more posts about NYC during the next days. I got so […]

outfit | comfy at home (day 2)

Hi lovelies, welcome at day two of my challenge. This morning I stood in front of my closet and thought about the huge amount of possible outfits that could be combined … and that life would be much easier for me if I would optimize the structure inside my closet. By the way. I also […]

outfit | fresh air

Hi lovelies! Happy New Year to all of you! Between preparing different things (e.g. preparing some blog posts for the next days) I really needed some fresh air, so I decided to go outside and just walk around. Here’s what I was wearing: boots – Alberto Fermani | pants – Cheap Monday | coat – […]

outfit | comfy after business

Hi lovelies, I already told you that this week is super busy and full of meetings. So after wearing suit and tie the whole day I need something really comfy and relaxed in the evening. And after sitting the whole day I definitely need some walking and some fresh air. I’m wearing: cardigan – H&M […]