outfit | red details

Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr Lieben, in case you follow me on Lookbook.nu you might have already seen this look – now I finally found some time to share this also here on my blog. When I looked at the weather forecast on Thursday morning it said that there will be a sunny but cold day. […]

outfit | sweater

Hi lovelies, today’s outfit was really a challenge in various aspects. First one, the sweater was a challenge itsself because it was the last diy project before my taupe scarf I presented in my last post. I started in late september last year and finished few days after Christmas. I knitted it following a model […]

new in | seasons go and come

Hi lovelies, I’m so excited that spring is already on its way, especially after a winter which was really worth to be called “winter”. I still remember last year when we changed into spring after a felt very long autumn. Personally I really love the contrasts between each season and after last winter I noticed […]

outfit | windy winter

Hi lovelies, when I finished work today I had a dream: a dream of an outside photo shooting with natural daylight … but instantly wake up when I opened the door. It was windy with snowdrifts everywhere so I decided just to do some indoor-shooting as usual šŸ™ I’m wearing: boots – Bagatt | jeans […]

outfit | comfy day

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for stopping by. Finally I found some time to post another outfit. It is really a pity that it is still dark when I leave home in the morning and it is already dark when I arriveĀ home. So – aside from the weekend – there is no chance for […]

new in | all year shopping

Hi lovelies, I hove everyone of you had a great weekend so far. Did I ever post that my shopping diet was over? No? Okay, Herewith it is done (I did it for just three moths). Since then I removed and also added some new pieces and two of them you might have already seen: […]

diy | grey knitted coat

Hi lovelies, do you remember this blog post some months ago? Now her’s the solution: I finished my second knitted coat. Contrary to the last one it was quite faster because I chose a thicker yarn for 7 mm needles. As it was my first project with cable patterns it took me some time to […]

outfit | red and blue

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. I’m really loving my red coat from ZARA I already showed you in my last outfit post. It is really a pity taht when I leave home in the morning it’s still dark and when I come home it’s already dark again outside so except for the weekend […]

outfit | red coat

Hi lovelies, you may have noticed that for a longer period of time red became one of my favourite colours. Some weeks ago I finally found something I was hunting for for two years now: a red coat. The one I hunted is from ZARA and although it is not “first hand”, it is still […]