outfit | poncho addict

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by on my blog. Today it was really difficult to decide what to wear. I’m already in my preparations for Christmas holidays so I dont like to bring out much more clothes because I might need them during the next weeks. So – as you can see – the sweater is […]

outfit | preparations

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by on my blog. I’m really exited today because I will go on another business trip to China tomorrow morning. And as the last days were extremely busy (I just arrived from another business trip today at 3 am!) I’m quite in a hurry to prepare everything not just for this […]

new in | fall pieces

Hi lovelies, yes, fall is round the corner so it is time to shop for some pieces for the upcoming fall / winter season. This year I was not only on sopping diet, I also sold numerous pieces I which did not longer fit into my style concept or were just not worn often enough […]