impression | Tokyo travel

Hi lovelies, I’s already two weeks since I arrived home from my trip to Tokyo.Ā  I started on Sunday, 4th and came back on Saturday, 11th. After arrivng in teh mroning I prefer to work during the day because it is a good way for me not to get tired and to get used to […]

outfit | daily business (day 5)

Hi lovelies, I hope you had a great week until now. Today is day 5 of my shopping diet and up to now I don’t miss it – maybe because I’m too busy to think about it šŸ™‚ . On Saturday I’ll start a short business trip to China so actually I need most time […]

outfit | it’s getting cold

Hi lovelies, I hope everybody had a great day. Summer seems to be over now. When I left the house this morning the temperature was just 12 Ā°C. Brrrrrrrrā€¦ā€¦ And when I looked outside, I just saw rain and grey. So it was and is the perfect day for adding some colour to my outfit […]

outfit | today’s business

Hi lovelies. Today’s outfit is a nice example what I wear for business on an ordinary day without meeting customers: just shirt, and shirt with just an amount of “personal style”. That means neither my jeans nor the shirts are the common style most men wear at the office (if they don’t a strict dress […]

outfit | back from business

Hi lovelies, welcome to my blog. Today I was on a business trip to a small town near Gƶppingen. While the forward run was really easy, the way back was annoying as there was a traffic jam on both motorways and I decided to drive along the state road. On the way back I visited […]