new in | mustard and more

Hi lovelies, once more it is time for a summary of my latest shopping prey ­čśë . You know that most men only go shopping when some pieces have to be substituted because the old ones are in a really bad condition. Based on this aspect buying this pair of brown leather gloves from Roeckl […]

outfit | the old scarf

Hi lovelies, today’s look is quite similar to this one I showed you last winter. Many fashion bloggers never repeat any pieces they wear, but this is not my intention – I also try to show how small variations can change the look. Today I wanted to wear something bright. I’m wearing: jeans – Jack […]

outfit | into the blue

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Today when I stood in front of my closet I wanted a both a comfy but also some kind of classy outfit because today there was an informal ┬ámeeting with some customers, for with a suit would have been really too much. I decided to mix some of […]

outfit | blue fall tuesday

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by on my small piece in the blogsphere. When I looked out of the window this morning I really did not like what I saw: dark, grey, foggy, wet, … fall seems really be here now. So today I took the chance to start the new boot season. Today’s boots […]

outfit | where is winter?

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by. ┬áToday it was quite cold in the morning compared to what we had during the last days. So I stood in front of my closet and after digging in the deeper areas I found this dark brown zip cardigan from ESPRIT I bought some years ago. You know I […]

outfit | something quick

Hi lovelies, has fall also arrived where you live? This morning I was really freezing so I not only decided to wear something really fall-ish, but also to switch the radiotors of my flat on. Whan I drove to work, the car’s thermometer just told me we had 5 ┬░C. As I needed something a […]