outfit | blue fall tuesday

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by on my small piece in the blogsphere. When I looked out of the window this morning I really did not like what I saw: dark, grey, foggy, wet, … fall seems really be here now. So today I took the chance to start the new boot season. Today’s boots […]

new in | bag decisions

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone had a good time so far. Last week was some kind of difficult as there was a very big decision waiting for me which of these two bags from Cowboysbag shall I keep and which return? As both bags from Cowboysbag are really similar the decision was really hard to […]

outfit | red and blue

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. I’m really loving my red coat from ZARA I already showed you in my last outfit post. It is really a pity taht when I leave home in the morning it’s still dark and when I come home it’s already dark again outside so except for the weekend […]

new in | long time ago …

… in a galaxy far far away … Hi lovelies, no this is not a post about Star Wars (which I really like). This quote just came to my mind when I saw the date of my last “new in” post. During the last months I spended a huge amount of money, especially during the […]