impression | bloody moon

Hi lovelies, today my alarm clock rang already at 3:30 am. Not by accident, but well planned because I wnted to watch the total lunar eclipse. As this kind of event is quite rare I decide to have a very short night and work afterwards. Here is a photo I took of it during the […]

impression | partial solar eclipse

Hi lovelies,  Today was a very special event to which I looked forward for a long time: a partial solar eclips which was visible in Central Europe. I didn’t mention it here but astronomy has always been one of my big passions. Today I started work after non because in the morning I took my […]

impression | Nanjing

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Once again business sent em to china to finish an important project. As the internet connection in Nanjing was really slow, I had to wait until today to share some impressions with you (right now I’m an a hotel in Shanghai). On Saturday I had […]