impressions | macro mushrooms

Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr Lieben, as you know I upgraded my camera equipment and during the last weeks I tried differnt kinds of photography to get more familiar with my camera. Today I’d like to show you some photos of mushrooms I did during several walks in the woods … wie ihr wisst habe ich […]

impression | skywalk allgäu

Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr Lieben, I already told you that after visiting the Scheidegg waterfalls I went to the Skywalk Allgaeu which is also located very close to Scheidegg. Instead of telling you numerous technical details about it I let just pictures tell you … Ich erwähnte bereits dass ich nach dem Besuch der Scheidegger […]

impression | Seokguram Grotto

 Hi lovelies, Hallo ihr lieben, during last week of April I went to Ulsan, South Korea for business duties. After finishing on Friday noon we drove back to Seoul visiting some impressive places I’d like to show you. Our firs stop was to visit the Seokguram grotto with its famous Buddha. Already the entrance building […]

impression | Darmstadt

Hi lovelies, two weeks ago I was on a business trip in Darmstadt. One day I had some free time in the morning so I took the chace to do some sightseeing. I decided to visit the Mathildenhöhe, where the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony is located. Behind me you can see the Hochzeitsturm on the lelt […]

impression | Tokyo travel

Hi lovelies, I’s already two weeks since I arrived home from my trip to Tokyo.  I started on Sunday, 4th and came back on Saturday, 11th. After arrivng in teh mroning I prefer to work during the day because it is a good way for me not to get tired and to get used to […]

impression | bloody moon

Hi lovelies, today my alarm clock rang already at 3:30 am. Not by accident, but well planned because I wnted to watch the total lunar eclipse. As this kind of event is quite rare I decide to have a very short night and work afterwards. Here is a photo I took of it during the […]

impression | fireworks

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for visiting my small bubble in the big blogsphere. For sure you noticed that for several weeks I found no time for new posts. Not only I was quite busy because of my job, I also was not in the mood for blogging. Yesterday evening I went to a […]