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Hi lovelies,

now that menswear fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris are over I finally found some time to review them looking for some inspiration. For me fashion weeks are not about trends – for me it is more about looking for new ideas how to adjust and modify my personal style – style which is not changing every season but following my personality.

 For a several years I loved the collections by Ann Demeulemeester shown in Pris, but since the menswear collections are no longer designed by herself the looks became more mainstream and lost the special feeling. This season Balmain showed a collection which somehow came up which this feeling I missed for several years. Let’s have a look at some  of my favorite looks (images

_mon0089-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17This first look I show you already contains two key pieces of the whole collection: tall equestrian style leather boots and longer leather gloves.

At the next look I love the layering of shirt, vest and coat – so great …

_mon1316-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

I don’t kno whic but this look shouts “elegance” to me …the velvet coat paired with the leather belt is already beautiful, but I also also love the small details like the velvet collar or the small tassels at the belt.

_mon1279-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

Same style again, but in a more casual way …

_mon1181-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17What I love most at this look is the matching of patterns of the coat, boots and bag.

_mon1083-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

_mon0931-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

_mon0790-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17


_mon0489-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

_mon0344-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

_mon0310-462x693 style | Balmain F/W 2016/17

All together, this collection contains many great, inspiring pieces which are – at some point – not that far away from my personal style I already wear. Maybe there will be a little impact of this collection into the collections of fashion chains … maybe.

What is your opinion about this collection? Tell me – I’m really curious!

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