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Hi lovelies,

after a week off and before driving home to Lake Constance on Sunday afternoon I took the chance for getting some fresh air. At least befor I will be sitting in my car for several hours. Maybe I told you that the region I lived in former days, Fanconia, is quite famous for its wine which is grown along the river Main.

As the weather and also the total mood felt quite “grey” I also decided to wear something colorless – maybe also as some kind of counterpart to the Carneval season.

dsc00606-1024x768 outfit | fifty shades of beige

A nice aspect walking there is that the ways are quite clean during most days, contrary to other cart paths.

dsc00596-1024x768 outfit | fifty shades of beige

Here is a nice vew along the Main Canion over Kitzingen …

dsc00594-1024x768 outfit | fifty shades of beige

dsc00591-1024x768 outfit | fifty shades of beige

dsc00600-1024x768 outfit | fifty shades of beige

Here’s a detail view of what I was wearing:

dsc00607-683x1024 outfit | fifty shades of beige

I was wearing:

coat – | jeans – Cheap Monday | boots – Albe Moda | scarf – DIY | gloves – Roeckl
bag – Cowboysbag

At the end I must confess that after yesterday’s post I would have preferred some camel chinos, but I did not pack them into my suitcase one week ago, otherwise it would be totally monochromaticĀ  šŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful time!

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