outfit | sweater

Hi lovelies, today’s outfit was really a challenge in various aspects. First one, the sweater was a challenge itsself because it was the last diy project before my taupe scarf I presented in my last post. I started in late september last year and finished few days after Christmas. I knitted it following a model […]

diy | taupe scarf

Hi lovelies, these days I am in a somehow “strange” mood – I start to love greyish colors. During my Christmas and New Year vacations with my family I finished another knitting project (which I will show you quite soon) and wanted to start another, new one. If I was at home I would continue […]

outfit | welcome in 2016

Hi lovelies, First of all I’d like to wish you all the best for the new year 2016! After two and a half week off today was the first working day in this new year. Somehow I was not in the mood for strong colors today so I decided to wear just differnt shades of […]