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Hi lovelies,

I’s already two weeks since I arrived home from my trip to Tokyo.  I started on Sunday, 4th and came back on Saturday, 11th. After arrivng in teh mroning I prefer to work during the day because it is a good way for me not to get tired and to get used to the local time. In the evenings we went to Shin-Yokohama because the company’s offica and also the prefered hotel is there.

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One evening, my colleague took this picture of me at Shin-Yokohama station.

dsc00310-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

After the end of my business mission we found some time for some sightseeing. As the customer was located in the north of Tokyo my Japanese colleague suggested to visit Asakusa.

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On our way to the Senso-ji, the oldest buddhiest temple in Tokyo, I saw this little arrangement at a house’s entrance.  Maybe this will become a major source of inspiratin for the entrance of my flat:

dsc00333-768x1024 impression | Tokyo travel

dsc00337-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

dsc00339-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

dsc00340-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

dsc00341-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

dsc00342-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

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The early next day I went to Narita International airport for my flight back home. As departure was araund 10:30 am, I had to get up really early befor I had a really long day. When I arrived at the gate, already few people were sitting there and waited for the boarding.

dsc00351-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

dsc00350-1024x768 impression | Tokyo travel

At the end – although this trip was frntically busy – I really enjoed it. Hopefully you will also be able to visit Japan by yourself because this experience is really worth it.

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