impression | bloody moon

Hi lovelies, today my alarm clock rang already at 3:30 am. Not by accident, but well planned because I wnted to watch the total lunar eclipse. As this kind of event is quite rare I decide to have a very short night and work afterwards. Here is a photo I took of it during the […]

new in | early fall shopping

Hi lovelies, Yes, fall is already on its way, so it is finally time for some fall shopping. Although clothes for fall and winter are sold for several weeks now, I cannot get into mood for fall shopping if it is about 35 °C outside on sunny days. So, two weeks ago summe started to […]

outfit | fifty shades of blue

Hi lovelies, today I finally found some time to shoot some outfit pics. As it was really grey outside I decided to wear something colorful today. Nonetheless I reduced it to just one color in various shades: blue. I started with a bright blus shirt from Biaggini, some dark blue pants from ZARA, dark blue […]