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Hi lovelies,

I’m so excited that spring is already on its way, especially after a winter which was really worth to be called “winter”. I still remember last year when we changed into spring after a felt very long autumn. Personally I really love the contrasts between each season and after last winter I noticed that I also need it for getting into some spring mood.

Nonetheless – after spring there will be summer and after some more time there will be cold days again – days where we can wear pieces we found during the actual winter sale.

I’m still hunting for some pieces. One I already showed you, one is on its way to me and I think few more will follow during the next days …

So let me start with the one you have already seen – my black faux leather coat:

33065594_02_b-462x646 new in | seasons go and come
photo by

I must confess the more I wear this coat the more I fall in love with it. When I saw it, I was just looking for some black – maybe quilted coat. But now that I got it, I find more and more possibilities to wear it. You already saw it matched with red pants and accesoires but it also works with all other colours as well as with just black pieces.

The piece, which is already on its way, is a pair of red leather boots. by Accatino.  I know this seems to be quite a risk at first viw, but after I had a look at varios (runway) looks I decided to give it a try. I’m just thinking of pairing it with e.g. red pants to reduce the contrast between boot and leg – or just with other colors. You know I really love wearing red – so why not give it a try outside of my comfort zone?

81bxolawrgl-_ul1500_-368x700 new in | seasons go and comeAt last there are several pieces I’m still huntig for, because I did not find the perfect one yet or just because my size is already sold out:

a grey non suit-vest like this

33043644_37_b-462x646 new in | seasons go and come
pic by

a black bag for daly errands like this

black_col_fm-462x429 new in | seasons go and come
pic by

and several more pieces, which come to my mind when I see something similar … I ithink this is smething most of you also know.

So thanks fro stopping by and reading so far.

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    1. Hi Thomas,
      yes, these boots arrived and looked really awesome. Too bad they did not fit … so I had to send them back. But I will keep my eyes open for an alternative pair.

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