impression | Weingarten Cathedral

Hi lovelies, yesterday I did a trip to Weingarten, a town very lose to Ravensburg, which is famous for its really huge basilica. It was built during the Baroque era. When I arrived in Weingarten, the first surprise was that there were some parking decks and  all of them for free. I can remember when I […]

style | hair straightener

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by on my small isle in the blogsphere. For sure you noticed that during the last years I changed from short hair – I had for more than 30 years – to long hair like today. Although many men claim short hair being easier to maintain (and that’s the reason […]

outfit | the white sweater

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for stopping by on my blog. Today was the last day of three days off. I did some changes in my flat and finished several little projects I started within the last months. By the way – the picture is not crook, it is just a consequence of the […]

new in | scarf storage

Hi lovelies, I think I’m not telling you something new by saying that I prefer wearing scarves (and bow-ties) instead of ties for daily occasions. Okay, as a man, sometimes I have to, but whenever possible I switch to bow-ties instead. For a long time I was looking for a nice way to store my […]

outfit | the old scarf

Hi lovelies, today’s look is quite similar to this one I showed you last winter. Many fashion bloggers never repeat any pieces they wear, but this is not my intention – I also try to show how small variations can change the look. Today I wanted to wear something bright. I’m wearing: jeans – Jack […]

outfit | monochrome

Hi lovelies, I hope all of you could enjoy the weekend end relax to get some new energy. After seeing the snow this morning, I decided to wear just something monochrome today – something which is not typical for me. I’m wearing: turtleneck sweater – Biaggini | cardigan – ESPRIT | pants – ZARA | […]

outfit | windy winter

Hi lovelies, when I finished work today I had a dream: a dream of an outside photo shooting with natural daylight … but instantly wake up when I opened the door. It was windy with snowdrifts everywhere so I decided just to do some indoor-shooting as usual 🙁 I’m wearing: boots – Bagatt | jeans […]

outfit | non-white winter look

Hi lovelies, winter is here and everywhere you look at you just see white snow.  Today I decided to wear something inside classy but colourful outside. If there is anything I cannot understand is why so many people just wear dark and grey colours in winter … not only that they are hard to notice […]