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Hi lovelies,

I hope everyone has a great time. Today I want to show you some outfits a friend of mine is wearing during the winter season. We “met” each other joining a fashion forum of a well known German women’s magazine noticing both of us wear tall boots during the cold half of the year.

The first outfit of him I’d like to show is “one of my favorite  outfits for external  costumers or large meetings or official events in our bank. Also when I’m with my wife on the way.”
sakko_braun-484x1024 style | guest's boot fashion

He’s wearing:

blazer – JOOP | pants – ALBERTO| boots – TOMMY HILFIGER

As you can see, even in a very fashion-conservative surrounding like in a bank it can be possible to wear some elegant, outstanding outfits representing an individual style aside from  standard. I know, many man worry about the feedback they might get, but like me the feedback he gets is also positive. Here’s one example he told me from his work environment…

“About ten years ago we had a Christmas staff party in our department. I was late – together with my department and apologized to the artist. The event was themed: “motivation, try new, forget old.”

Afterwards we had soem drinks when the artist directly came to me and congratulated me. I already put the presentation into practise.

I didn’t know what he meant, the compliment referred directly to my outfit:

Beautiful blazer, shirt, suede leather pants and most notably the matching boots

He told me that a short time ago he held a seminar at an insurance company. The dress code was casual, but all attendees came wearing navy suits. During the week every attendee should tell something about himself. He took notes and at the end of the week he asked the group of participants who was the author of this and that statement. Out of 15 participants only three could match the correlation.

He told the group that “you are all exchangeable because you look all the same”.

After this he came back to me and said: “When I will ask somebody after ten years who arrived late to the meeting the answer will surely be ‘the man withe the dressy outfit and the boots’ “.

These days ago I got a phone call from a female colleague, whose name didn’t mean a thing to me. She needed some informations about a report. At the end of her call she said: “Sure you won’t remember me, but I can still remember you very well. Back then, you stood next to me with the motivational trainer at our Christmas party. I still remember your dressy look and the boots. I hope you retain it”

You see wearing some kind of extraordinary style leads to interesting communications. It is not only we met because of our style in the WWW, I also get into talks with other people just because of my style and most times I really enjoy it.

So thanks for stopping by and reading and special thanks to my friend for participating on my blog – hopefully not for the last time as it was a real pleasure.

Have a wonderful time!

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5 thoughts on “style | guest’s boot fashion

  1. Ein tolles outfit, Kompliment! Und die Anekdote ist sehr interessant!

    @couns: Besten Dank für die Bemühungen und die Möglichkeit des “Gastauftritts”.

    Beste Grüsse!

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  2. Servus Robintom,
    vielen Dank für Dein Kompliment. Freut mich das es Dir gefällt. Die Story dazu war natürlich sowas von passend….
    Großer Dank geht hier natürlich an COUNS, der zum einen meinen Text in’s Englische gepackt hat und zum anderen die Möglichkeit des Gästeeintrages bereitgestellt hat. Bei COUNS liegen mittlerweile schon viele Bilder von meinen Outfits und ich werde mich bemühen den passenden Text dazu noch zu schreiben.

    @Brian: Thank you too for your compliment


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