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Hi lovelies,

welcome back on my blog. Today I’d like to show you my latest, just finished diy-project: an electric blue scarf. You know I love strong colours and aside from my red scarf I wanted something aside, so … here it is:

blue-diy-scarf-1024x683 diy | blue scarf

The pattern was quite easy: you just start with an even number of stitches and repeat just the following four rows:

1st row:  all knit stitches
2nd row: same as 1st row
3rd row: knit stitch, purled stitch, knit stitch, purled stitch, and so on
4 th row: same as 3rd row

 In order to have both ends alike, I finished after a 2nd row.

Here’s a detailed view:

img_3316-1024x683 diy | blue scarf

The yarn I used was Merino 70 from Lang yarns, which I knitted with a 7 mm knitting needle.

When I visited my family near Würzburg in November I went to a great wool shop in Bad Mergentheim and started to knit it. As I did not have much time afterwards because I was too busy I also did not finish it until Christmas – but as my parents knew what I was knitting they got an inspiration for one a Christmas present: a matching pair of gloves from Roeckl:

img_3313-1024x683 diy | blue scarfI must confess I really like this colour very much – aside from red it is one of my long time favourites, also because it is very easy to combine with other colours and really increases my variety of possibilities.

Do you also like strong colours and which is your favourite? I’m curious about your opinion.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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