personal | review 2014

Hi lovelies, as today is the last one for 2014 it is time for a short review -something I really do not like but , hey, it has to be done so I’ll keep it short … Outfits The question about my favourite outfit this year is quite difficult because there are various looks I […]

outfit | poncho addict

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by on my blog. Today it was really difficult to decide what to wear. I’m already in my preparations for Christmas holidays so I dont like to bring out much more clothes because I might need them during the next weeks. So – as you can see – the sweater is […]

impressions | Zhōng shān líng

Hi lovelies, to be honest – after this day my legs told me “it is enough!”. Because after visiting the observatory on Purple Mountain and walking to the Ming tombs, we continues our sightseeing trip walking to the Zhōng shān líng – the mausoleum of Dr. Sun-Yat-sen. The whole area is similar to other Chinese buildings: […]

outfit | black is for the bottom

Hi lovelies, after visiting two Christmas-markets at the weekend I start to get some Christmas-feeling. And as red is very popular these days of the year, I was just in a red mood today … perfect to wear my red turtle-neck sweater. To give it some contrast I paired it with my black chinos and […]

impressions | Míng Xiào Líng

Hi lovelies, today I’d like to show you some more pictures from my sightseeing day in Nanjing. After walking down the Purple mountain we decided to visit Míng Xiào Líng, the is the tomb of the Hongwu Emperor, the founder of the Ming dynasty. The way to the Tomb, the so called “Spirit way”, is lined with statues of […]

outfit | sightseeing

Hi lovelies, you know what is really great if somebody joins you for some sightseeing? You can do some nice shots of the other person 😉 Today I’d like to show you just some outfit posts we did during our sightseeing trip in Nanjing. In my last post I already showed you this picture from […]

impression | Nanjing

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Once again business sent em to china to finish an important project. As the internet connection in Nanjing was really slow, I had to wait until today to share some impressions with you (right now I’m an a hotel in Shanghai). On Saturday I had […]