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Hi lovelies,

I hope everyone had a good time so far. Last week was some kind of difficult as there was a very big decision waiting for me which of these two bags from Cowboysbag shall I keep and which return?

img_12211-462x616 new in | bag decisions

As both bags from Cowboysbag are really similar the decision was really hard to make. But here are some facts:

Top: The Little bag – 32 x 21 x 15 cm

Bottom: The Small Bag – 38 x 23 x 17 cm

You see, the difference is not that much… so in order to make things easier form me I tried to ask some fashion conscious people on for helping me. I also asked on facebook without any resonance, but finally the suggestions on Lookbook made my brain working into the right direction as both opinions were about space.

So finally I made my decision by the volume and compared it with other bags I already own and take with me. I packed both bags full with towels so I could compare them in reality and not just on numbers and decided finally to keep the small one which provides at least the double space my every-day-small-messenger does.

Here are some more detail shots:

img_1224-462x346 new in | bag decisions

img_1225-462x346 new in | bag decisions img_1227-462x346 new in | bag decisions

But now as I’ve seen it there is one last decision: the bigger one will come back – just in a different colour – at the moment I’m thinking of a light brown.

the-bag-small-cognac new in | bag decisions

You might wonder but this is exactly the same model like the bigger one on my photo and it looks really hefty – Selina M. even remembered me to “make sure you don’t hurt your shoulders and back with it” – something I will always do as for me gabs can be for voluminous things, but not for heavy ones, for which I prefer to use a trolley.

I hope I can show you an outfit with my new bag soon.

Have a wonderful time!

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