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Hi lovelies,

today I want to share some more impressions from my trip to New York City one week ago. I can remember it really well that it can’t have been too long ago as I am still fighting with some kind of jet lag.

It is impossible to be in Manhattan without finding some time to let this big city impress you. In my opinion the best way to “learn” something about a city is just by walking, so after I completed my mission on Wednesday I changed my clothes at the hotel (which was at 11th Ave crossing 48th Street) and walked to Times Square.

img_0986-462x616 travel | Manhattan
img_0989-462x616 travel | Manhattan
img_0990-462x346 travel | Manhattan
img_0993-462x616 travel | Manhattan
img_0994-462x616 travel | ManhattanTo watch all these high buildings, the huge amount of displays, … all together was really overwhelming.
img_0997-462x616 travel | Manhattan
img_0999-462x616 travel | ManhattanA great way to get an overview of Manhattan is to look at it from the 86th floor of a building, e.g. the Empire State Building.
img_1003-462x616 travel | Manhattan
img_1005-462x346 travel | Manhattan
img_1008-462x346 travel | ManhattanBy the way, there is a historic link between the area I live and the Empire State Building in New York: before all the antennas were mounted on top of the skyscraper, the top of it was meant to be an anchorage for Zeppelins in the early years of the last century -something never happened. These Zeppelins were developed and built in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance, which is just twenty kilometres from where I live and work.
img_1027-462x346 travel | ManhattanAlthough it was a bit dizzy Liberty Islands was a great view.

liberty-island-462x346 travel | Manhattan
img_1035-462x346 travel | ManhattanAs it was really cold these days and windy there were not too many peaople outside on the platform on the 86th floor …
img_1047-462x346 travel | ManhattanSome people asked me if I could take a photo of them with their camera – always a good chance to do it the other way round afterwards 😉
img_1059-462x346 travel | ManhattanThe entrance of the building is really amazing and shows an outstanding style.
img_1061-462x616 travel | Manhattan
img_1062-462x346 travel | ManhattanCentral Park was totally covered with snow – more snow than we had in Germany this year during the whole winter …
img_1067-462x346 travel | Manhattan
img_1069-462x346 travel | ManhattanThis was something I really wanted to see – the Metropolitan Opera of New York. Maybe you know that I am a big fan of opera and it is very great you can enjoy the Met all over the world in cinemas since there are  live transmissions of almost all new productions.
metropolitan-opera-462x346 travel | ManhattanI’m really still impressed by this city and I will continue this series very soon.

Have a wonderful time!

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4 thoughts on “travel | Manhattan

  1. You were at New York?? How did you enjoy it! It must be overwhelming with so many things going on. It still amazed me that you walked almost the entire city instead of making use the of the metro. Even though I understand that the metro can be confusing and take you somewhere you had no intention to me. At least that was what happened to me couple times. I hope you enjoyed the city and return for some good food next time!

    Patty |

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    1. Hi Patty,

      normally there should be two more posts about walking in Manhattan, but as there are some problems in the back of my blog I can’t publish them :-(.
      New York is such an amazing city – it wa definitely not my last flight…

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      1. Awww, but I’m glad you enjoyed the city! there are so many yummy places that I’ve been that I hope you had a chance to visit. I shall post about my list of recommended places to eat in the future 🙂
        Come back to the states soon!

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        1. Hi Patty,
          I hope I will 🙂 Finding yummy places is really something difficult in such cities especially as the well known places are not always the best and the really great ones are real secrets.


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