outfit | it’s cold INSIDE

Hi lovelies,

today when I arrived home from work my flat wasn’t warm yet. I finished too early 😉

But instead of arguing I decided to shoot some outfit pictures with my grey knitted coat which is really perfect for such situations as it is really warm. Sometimes I wear it with an also knitted belt:

img_2201-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE
img_2212-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE

For the photos I switched between Birkenstocks (which I mostly wear when I’m at home), black leather loafers from ecco (which are the same I wear at work in the office) and the tall bots I wore outside today.

img_2215-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE

It is also great for sitting on the sofa …

img_2206-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE img_2211-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE

If you have a close look: the small black box between my fingers is the remote control for my camera …

img_2223-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE

Here you can see the backside with the same pattern as the front (just without pockets)…

img_2254-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE

And here some more impressions ….

img_2245-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE img_2238-462x692 outfit | it's cold INSIDE

Now you see, what it looks like when it is part of an outfit.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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3 thoughts on “outfit | it’s cold INSIDE

    1. Hi Marta,
      I’m glad you like this piece I’ve knitted during the last months. It’s great to own and wear something outstanding and indivisual, but maybe just more important for me is the kind of meditation I can enjoy just while knitting. And the more complex the pattern, the more I can relax and get my brain free.

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