impression | an apple a day …

… keeps the doctor away …. Hi lovelies, It’s fall now what means it’s the time of the year for harvesting all the things like corn, vegetables and fruits. Here at lake constance many farmers grow apples – so, following the saying – there seems to be no need for doctors at all 😉 so […]

outfit | “italian” ?

Hi lovelies, you might wonder about the title of this post, but I’ll explain it to you: whenever I go shopping for some clothes or shoes, it doesn’t take long until one of the clerks ask if I am Italian. Same today when I went to Bredl in Ravensburg. After they sent me from the […]

outfit | sometimes it is better

not to think of the weekend ….. Hi lovelies, the first half of the week is over and most times I already wait for the weekend on Monday 🙂 But when I look at this week’s eather forecast, I hope it will soon be over as it will be really cold outside especially on Friday: 5 […]

outfit | it’s his fault

Hi lovelies, I hope all of you had a good start of the new week. When it’s grey outside it’s always good to bring some color into the outfit and not wear just black, white and grey. Today I decided to have just a “blue Tuesday” what means the whole look was clearly dominated by […]