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Hi lovelies,

 I hope everybody has a great time and enjoys life as much as I do . Moving to Lake Constance was one of the best things that could happen in my live. Everything is so amazing: the landscape, the people, my neighbours, my new job, really everything. I’m already preparing some blog post showing you this beautiful region.

 Some days ago I went to ZARA just to have a look at some pieces … and went out with a bag full of new pants:

You all know I love brown colours – and this brown chinos perfectly fit to some red tope or e.g. my military green jacket.

 chino-zara-braun-jpg-462x572 new in | just a little ...

The cut of this chinos is really great, so I just added a another red one. I really love this colour and fall / winter is a great time as the colour gives you some extra warmth on cold days.

chino-zara-rot new in | just a little ...

At last there were two more pants: these grey structured ones which are just classy and modern at the same time.

sergehose-zara new in | just a little ...

And finally some black knitted ones, which I’m so in love with since I tried them on for the first time.

strickhose-zara new in | just a little ...

You see – walking by at ZARA’s can really fill your closet. I can’t wait to show you some outfits with all these great pants.

At last I found these pair of leather gloves at Roeckl. I saw the colour and instantly many outfits came to my mind showing how to combine them – so I really needed them:

ga__374x374 new in | just a little ...

During the last weeks when I put my whole wardrobe out of the moving boxes into my new closet, I decided that there is no need to buy many pieces for the coming cold days so this already should be the biggest part.

There will be more new pieces, but most of them are UFOs  – un-finished objects I started to knit but are not finished yet. One piece you’ve even already seen.

So stay tuned to see the finished piece.

 And until then …

 Have a wonderful time!

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