outfit | sunny september

Hi lovelies, thank God it’s Friday. Just sot some photos to show you today’s outfit on my balcony. Too bad it’s a bit foggy so you can’t see the Alps and Lake Constance in teh background. I’m wearing: Chino – ZARA | double monks – Goertz 17 | shirt – Ted Baker | sweater – […]

impression | Überlingen

Hi lovelies, I hope you could enjoy the first half of this week, which really marks the beginning of thhis year’s fall. When I downloaded some photos from my pocket camera I found these impressions from my first trip to Überlingen which is also located at Lake Constance. Just enjoythem and – maybe – you’ll […]

outfit | something quick

Hi lovelies, has fall also arrived where you live? This morning I was really freezing so I not only decided to wear something really fall-ish, but also to switch the radiotors of my flat on. Whan I drove to work, the car’s thermometer just told me we had 5 °C. As I needed something a […]

style | want to wear this fall

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. Summer sale is just over and the shops bring the new fashion for the coming fall season. Although I’ve got to say “no” more often now (moving can be very expansive), there are some favourites I found. To be honest: it are just a few and saving money […]

outfit | september …

Hi lovelies, I hope everybody had a great day again. This morning I learned why the weatherman sais fall begins on September 1st.. When I left the house this morning the temperature was just 10°C. Much colder than yesterday…… Thanks god is was not as grey as yesterday and there was no rain. Today I […]

outfit | it’s getting cold

Hi lovelies, I hope everybody had a great day. Summer seems to be over now. When I left the house this morning the temperature was just 12 °C. Brrrrrrrr…… And when I looked outside, I just saw rain and grey. So it was and is the perfect day for adding some colour to my outfit […]

new in | just a little …

bit of fall shopping … Hi lovelies,  I hope everybody has a great time and enjoys life as much as I do . Moving to Lake Constance was one of the best things that could happen in my live. Everything is so amazing: the landscape, the people, my neighbours, my new job, really everything. I’m […]