outfit | today’s business

Hi lovelies. Today’s outfit is a nice example what I wear for business on an ordinary day without meeting customers: just shirt, and shirt with just an amount of “personal style”. That means neither my jeans nor the shirts are the common style most men wear at the office (if they don’t a strict dress […]

new in | long time ago …

… in a galaxy far far away … Hi lovelies, no this is not a post about Star Wars (which I really like). This quote just came to my mind when I saw the date of my last “new in” post. During the last months I spended a huge amount of money, especially during the […]

outfit | nothing worth to mention

Hi lovelies, welcome back on my blog. I know I didn’t post for a long time but there were so many changes in my non-fashion life so I didn’t find the time and – by the way – I don’t have a fast internet access yet. This picture was shot by some people in Meersburg, […]