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Hi lovelies,

you remember how I finished my post some days ago about Lake Constance?

Now I can tell you there will be much more posts from this beautiful region because I will move there during the next weeks. I already signed my employment agreement and will start there in August. Last Friday I drove to the Lake Constance to have a look at some flats I found in the www.

After inspecting five flats we had dinner in Immenstaad, where we also could se an airship flying.

img_0323-462x346 impressions | Lake Constance

img_0326-462x346 impressions | Lake Constance

img_0331-462x346 impressions | Lake ConstanceThe last flat inspection was in constance so we had to take the ferry to get to the the opposite side of the sea.

img_0332-462x346 impressions | Lake Constance

img_0334-462x346 impressions | Lake ConstanceAfter half the way another ferry crossed our way…

img_0339-462x346 impressions | Lake Constance… and some minutes later we could se Constance.

img_0340-462x346 impressions | Lake Constance

img_0341-462x346 impressions | Lake Constance

img_0343-462x346 impressions | Lake Constance

On Wednesday I’ll be on my way agin to inspect the next series of flats.

Have a wonderful time ♥

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