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Hi lovelies,

welcome back and thanks for visiting my blog. I already mentioned it in a comment: during the last week we had a huge amount of rain. And this time it is really a huge amount as it is as much as we normally have during half a year. In Franconia, the part of Germany where I live, we haev the river Main, which is a nice quiet river in most cases.

Now there is flood. I thank God that the village I live is not affected but teh cities and villages near the Main are.  But have a look yourself:

These are some pictures I took in the town next to my vilage in the morning:

img_0266-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0267-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0268-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0269-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0270-462x346 impression | the floodHere you can see a bigger town:

img_0271-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0272-462x346 impression | the floodNormally there would be a car …

img_0273-462x346 impression | the floodAnd here’s another small town:

img_0274-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0275-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0276-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0277-462x346 impression | the flood

img_0278-462x346 impression | the floodJust for comparison: this photo shows about the same region under normal circumstances.

img_0158-462x346 impression | the flood

I hope you are not affected in such a way by the weather and climate but

Have a wonderful time ♥

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