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Hi lovelies,

welcome back and thanks for visiting my blog. Today the weather was better because I could see the sun is still existing. After lunch I visited a town about 50 km from where I life which is quite famous because i is very old: Rothenburg ob der Tauber. When you go there you always see many tourists from Asia (e.g. China and Japan). I visited Rothenburg quite often but I can’t remember I ever walked on the historic surrounding wall, so this was what I did today.

Here are some photos:

img_0132-462x616 impression | Rothenburg

img_0121-462x346 impression | Rothenburg

img_0127-462x616 impression | Rothenburg

img_0116-462x346 impression | RothenburgThe outfit I wore was nothing special and except from the boots nothing that you haven’t already seen.

img_0124-462x616 impression | RothenburgI wore:

coat – H&M | jeans – Cheap Monday | boots – Objects in Mirror
scarf – ESPRIT | bag – Marc O’Polo

An interesting tradition in my region could also be seen, so called “Easter fountains”, where people decorate fountains with easter eggs and flowers. Too bad that it’s too cold for some water.

img_0131-462x346 impression | Rothenburg

I hope you like the photos. Have a wonderful time ♥

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  1. Perfektes Oufit. Ganz wichtig bei Stiefeln: Enge Hosen. Sind gar nicht so leicht zu finden für uns Männer. Aber wenn man welche hat, ist es eigentlich total easy und natürlich, die Stiefel über der Hose zu tragen. So wie es g’hört. (Bisd du eichendlich a Frangge? Weilsd manchmal in Weinbergen umanander stiefeln dusd?)

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