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Hello my dears.

Thanks for visitig my blog! I just can’t believe it: the sun is shining and I really can feel the arrival of spring! And- much better – the weatherman sais there will be up to 17 °C on friday! (He also sais people should not change the tires of their cars because there will be more cold days … but that does’t matter).

After some shopping for the weekend I was enjoying the sun while walking in the wineyards.

img_0577-462x692 outfit | spring is in the airI’m wearing:

boots – GANT (here)  | pants – modström (here) | sweater – H&M | coat – Topman

img_0565-462x692 outfit | spring is in the air

img_0583-462x692 outfit | spring is in the air

img_0591-462x692 outfit | spring is in the air

If you have a closer look at the first picture, you can even see the first flowers:

img_0580-462x308 outfit | spring is in the air

Can you also feel spring coming? I hope you can enjoy the weekend and

Have a wonderful time ♥

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  1. Ja Wahnsinn! Endlich noch ein Mann in Deutschland außer mir, der sich traut, Stiefel zu tragen. Ich bin immer noch verblüfft, wie die Frauen es geschafft haben, uns fast vollständig die Stiefel wegzunehmen. Früher war das unser Outfit, jetzt gibt es für uns nur noch welche mit abgeschnittenen (!) Schäften.

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