outfit | just relaxing

Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog. The last days, especially yesterday were super busy so I could not find some time to shoot some of the outfits I was wearing. After a two-hour meeting and eight hous on the highway yesterday I use oday just to sort everything and relax a bit. As […]

new in | after-sale – new color

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Sale is almost over and the shops are starting to sell their spring/summer collection. Because of my size which is sold out really quick I already began lloking for something new to fill some wholes in my closet. And no, this time there are no shoes. I must […]

impression | evening walk

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you could enjoy the wekend and had a good start of the week. Yesterday I wanted to take a walk, but as soon as I pulled off my coat, it started raining. So, as I really neaded some fresh air, I decided to wate until the […]

style | hairy question

Hi there, Welcome back and thanks for visiting my blog.  You all might have noticed that I got my haur cut. I still don’t like it and I’m planning to let them grow again. In order to get some inpiration and to see, where the jourmey goes to I was looking in the www and […]

outfit | cold valentine’s day

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog! After a long time of grey days we have sunshine and blue sky on Valentine’s day. It could be really perfect, but it is really cold outside and the wind is much stronger than the days before. That all could not prevent me from going outside and enjoy […]

outfit | comfy on a lazy day

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Because it is Pancake Tuesday many peole are on vacation and celebrate carnival. For me, this day is perfect for just beeing comfy and a bit lazy. Except from making a few phone calls and working on my actual diy-project this post is the first “real thing” for […]

outfit | the old sweater

Hi there, I hope you had a great weekend! Today – like every monday – there is a phrase which I’ve got in my head: “Silicon chip inside the head can switch to overload …” . You know the song? It’s from The Boomtown Rats and is called “I don’t like mondays“. After today I […]

outfit | grey for a winter day

Hi there, So, here it is: the first outfit with the new haur cut (which I still don’t like). When I shoot this photos I was walking in the wineyards while the sun was already setting. Sometimes it is quite difficult: when there is blue sky and great sunny weather, I hardly find time to […]

diy | make a guess

Hi there! Last week I started a new knitting project. I ‘ll need about 25 balls of wool, a 7 mm circular needle and a short additional one. I also bought seven buttons which are really great with the color of the wool. Here are some detail shots: And now it is up to you: […]