runway | fall 2013 favs

After most fashion weeks for the coming fall / winter season are over, it is time to summarize my favourites and especially my favourite “trends”. It is quite difficult because the major trend seems to be tht there is nor real trend. I never saw such a broar variety of styles for one season. But […]

impression | winter walk

Winter is a great season. Today I was walking near the river “Main” just to enjoy the landscape. Here are some impressions: I did not plan a “real” shooting so I just took my small pocket camera with me – no dslr, no remote control and no tripod. That’s also the reason why there is […]

outfit | black cognac

A very simple but very versatile start when I’m not sure what to wear in the morning is an all black ensemble (or black pants with a white top, sometimes). It can be combined with nearly every color in the closet to give it a special hint but also looks quite chic as it is. […]

new in | shoe’s sale

Sale can be a dangerous season because , if you’re not careful, you will spend much more money than you wanted before sale started. This sale I was looking for some special shoes to extend my personal “collection” and just fill some holes to complete my style. What it makes searching a bit difficult for […]

new in | sale’s briefcase

The permanent use of a black leather briefcase is not something aI really like. That’s the reason why I was looking for something different and sale is a great time for giving new things a try without sopending too much money. After looking in various online shops I found this blue one at ZARA. Okay, […]

diy | black scarf

When I started knitting I just did it because I could not find a scraf like I imagined it: coars knitted and navy. Some time ago I noticed that still one scraf was missing in my closet which is the most versatile of all: the black one. So I started to knit one. To make […]

outfit | flashback

Today’s outfit is a real flashback in style for me as it really represents last winter. Although it is not that cold as lst winter, the grey mood outside really begins getting me down. I’m wearing: coat – Topman | pants – Costume National | sweater – H&M | boots – Alberto Fermani And here […]

outfit | happy new year !

Many people promise on New Years Eve what they will do in he next year. I’ll do what I promised – to show my self knitted coat as part of an outfit. So – here it is. The contrast between the knitted wool and the leather-looking pants is something I really love. I’m weraring: coat- […]