diy | knitted blue coat

Some weeks ago I finished my first big DIY project: a self-knitted blue coat. I already owned a black one and wanted to start something more extensive than scarfes or caps. After I found the manual I decided (with the help of the salespeople) to modify the original version by using d different wool, different […]


Welcome to my new blog. As many changes happen in my life this time, I think it is also a good time to move my blog to a new domain, a new content system, layout and other things. You might have seen that some of the old posts are already imported. I promise to import […]

new in | knitted beanie

As you might know I use to kint my beanies by myself. But at the moment I have more than enough knitting projects running and I wanted this beanie not in some weeks, but NOW! So the only chance was to buy it. Some days ago I saw it in a little shop –  tried […]