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Fall is not far away and with it there are always these rainy days which I really hate. But as there are reasons I have to leave the house (e.g. running some errands), I need something keep my feet dry so I got myself a pair of navy tall Hunter Wellies.

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To be honest I read many blogs where people write Hunters are soooo comfy which I could not believe. But after I tried them on by myself I must confess they are right. They are damn comfy. I really can’t wait till I can wear them on muddy days.

Together with the wellies I got a pair of black Hunter socks to be prepared for colder days. I already tried them on and with them the Wellies are even more comfy than without.

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The only problem I have is that there are white marks on the Wellies and I’m not sure about how to remove them. I already cleaned them with warm water (although they are new), but the marks are still there.
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I tried various things to remove them, The solution which works best for me is just ArmorAll. I bought it some years ago for maintenance of my car interior. I read this on different websites and now I’m really satisfied.

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2 thoughts on “new in | hunter wellies

  1. Hi!
    Yes, Hunter wellies are very comfy and i collect them in many colors – look at my Flickr Stream 😉 (i added you as a Friend).

    The white marks on your wellies are from the wax inside the rubber who protect it´s sleekness. It comes out when they were stowed longer time or after temperature variations and it´s no lack on them, it´s quite the reverse for their quality (of the rubber).

    You can remove the white marks with Armor All and it will be the cheaper way. On the other side Hunter sells also some products to clean and care the rubber boots – look at their website:

    Best Regards
    … collector, now i hold at 12 pairs and the collection will grow… :-))

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    1. Hi,

      thanks for your comment.
      Maybe I will try your solution very soon … I don’t know how wet fall will be and if leather boots (which I really prefer, also for fashionable reasons 😉 ) can handle it.

      When I wear boots (or other shoes), it doesn’t matter if they are leather or rubber – they have to be in good conditions so maintenance is very important for me. Maybe I will come back to your recommendations.


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