impression | Darmstadt

Hi lovelies, two weeks ago I was on a business trip in Darmstadt. One day I had some free time in the morning so I took the chace to do some sightseeing. I decided to visit the Mathildenhöhe, where the Darmstadt Artists‘ Colony is located. Behind me you can see the Hochzeitsturm on the lelt […]


outfit | fading to grey

Hi lovelies, Today winter arrived after a long and much too warm fall – even at the beginning of this week we had close to 18 °C outside. Yesterday there was immense rain and today we had the first snow falling from the sky while it was really „brrrrrrr“ outside. So perfect for enjoying a […]


outfit | green sweater

Hi lovelies, after a long time I finally found some time for a new outfit post here on my blog. I tried do to some outside pics, but after I left the office it was already too dark outside. So I decided to do it indoor – better then no photos at all. Today I […]


new in | early fall shopping

Hi lovelies, Yes, fall is already on its way, so it is finally time for some fall shopping. Although clothes for fall and winter are sold for several weeks now, I cannot get into mood for fall shopping if it is about 35 °C outside on sunny days. So, two weeks ago summe started to […]


outfit | fifty shades of blue

Hi lovelies, today I finally found some time to shoot some outfit pics. As it was really grey outside I decided to wear something colorful today. Nonetheless I reduced it to just one color in various shades: blue. I started with a bright blus shirt from Biaggini, some dark blue pants from ZARA, dark blue […]


impression | fireworks

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for visiting my small bubble in the big blogsphere. For sure you noticed that for several weeks I found no time for new posts. Not only I was quite busy because of my job, I also was not in the mood for blogging. Yesterday evening I went to a […]


painting | abstract no.1

Hi lovelies, few days ago I finished my first abstract painting. Like other paintings I did it is soehow also inspired by Isabell Zacher-Finet, but still different. As there is no „real object“ in the painting it is quite hard for me to find a name for it. acrylic on canvas | 50 x 70 […]


painting | acrylic bamboo

Hi lovelies, some time ago I started something I was thinking about for a long time – painting. In advance I talked to friends, colleagues and ther people, had a look at many tutorials on Youtube and finally made a decision to start with acrylic paintings and several weeks ago I already showed you one […]